Carl Zimmer is an award-winning New York Times columnist and the author of 14 books about science. His newest book is Life’s Edge: The Search For What It Means To Be Alive.

Life’s Edge: The Search for What It Means to Be Alive

Life’s Edge: The Search For What It Means To Be Alive

Zimmer travels the mysterious borderland between the living and the non-living in his latest book, reckoning with a question that still bedevils scientists and philosophers alike: what is life? Publisher’s Weekly calls Life’s Edge “a pop science tour de force.” A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year. Read more about the book here.


She Has Her Mother's Laugh

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh
An exploration of the most intimate mystery of all: how our ancestors help make us who we are. She Has Her Mother’s Laugh traces the history of heredity as a scientific question and a cultural touchstone.  Chosen as a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times Book Review, and the best science book of 2018 byThe GuardianRead more here.


A Planet of Virueses 3rd edition cover

A Planet of Viruses
In this slender volume, Zimmer introduces readers to the most abundant form of life on Earth. A Planet of Viruses reveals how viruses hold sway over the biosphere, how they produce new diseases, and how we can use viruses for our own benefit.


Evolution: Making Sense of Life, Thrid Edition

Evolution: Making Sense of Life
A history and introduction to the most important idea in all of biology. Evolution recounts Darwin’s discovery of his theory of evolution and surveys how it illuminates all of life—from sex to death, from brains to bacteria.