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"I have used Carl's essays as well as his books Microcosm and A Planet of Viruses with my Biology and Microbiology students, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. Students were more engaged with the content, leading to much deeper discussions in class, and more interested in the labs and assignments related to those units. Some students even listed our Google+ Hangout with Mr. Zimmer at the end of Microcosm as the highlight of their school year in the yearbook. Needless to say, our experiences with Mr. Zimmer have been amazing."
– Andrew Ising, science teacher, Junction City High School, Junction City, Kansas

For Students and Teachers

Many teachers have found Carl Zimmer's work to be a great way to help students become excited about science and the natural world. This page is a guide to resources at that are especially useful for high school and elementary school classes.

Teachers who are interested in arranging Skype video chats or a Google+ Hangout with Zimmer can send a request here. Zimmer regularly speaks at universities and high schools. Requests for lectures should be directed to Random House Speakers Bureau.

Please note that Zimmer cannot respond individually to emails from students asking for help on class assignments. 

Among Zimmer's books, here are some that may be of special interest to students:

You can read through 16 years of articles here

The New York Times has created learning plans for some of Zimmer's articles.

Here are some videos of Zimmer's talks and radio episodes he's contributed to:

TED-Ed How Did Feathers Evolve?
For more details, see Zimmer's article for National Geographic

TED-Youth: Parasite Tales
For more, see Zimmer's book, Parasite Rex

TEDxDeExtinction: Can We Bring Extinct Species Back to Life?
For more, see Zimmer's article for National Geographic

"Our Viral Future." 
For more information, see Zimmer's book, A Planet of Viruses

Fresh Air (National Public Radio) The Race to Create the Best Antiviral Drugs

Radiolab: In Defense of Cheats 
For more, see Zimmer's book, Parasite Rex

Radiolab: Never Quite Now 
See Zimmer's essay, "The Speed of Thought."