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Science Ink:
Tattoos of the
Science Obsessed

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Science Ink

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p. 173
Kristal McElvey should be Kristal Evens.

p. 180
The story head should read Motmot, not Marmot.

p. 193
Kari Mullen should be Kari Allen. Last line of first column, Allen replaces Mullen.

Antione Bercovici should be Antoine Bercovici


p. 249
Entry for Alison Earnhart moves to E section.

p. 250
Berg and Bercovici switch positions.

Bercovici, Antione should be Bercovici, Antoine

p. 254
Kristal McElvey changes to Kristal Evens and moves to E section.

Gregory Von Nessi moves to V section.

p. 255
Change Reinhardt, Kay to Reinhardt, Kat