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E. coli and the
New Science of Life

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Microcosm News:

October 9, 2008: Scientific American podcast features Microcosm
Listen to part one and part two

August 19, 2008: The Boston Globe reviews Microcosm
"Superb...quietly revolutionary." (Read the full review)

July 19, 2008: The Times of London reviews Microcosm
Oliver Morton praises the book's "deep delights." (Read the full review)

July 9, 2008: The Independent reviews Microcosm
A "satisfying piece of popular science." (Read the full review)

July 7, 2008: Carl talks about Microcosm on Wisconsin Public Radio
Listen to the podcast here

June 29, 2008: The New York Times Book Review reviews Microcosm
"Engrossing...vivid." (Read the full review)

June 24, 2008: The Telegraph published my essay on E. coli
Read "Why I Am In Love With A Bacterium."

June 23, 2008: Science reviews Microcosm
"A popular science book on E. coli may not sound like the most interesting read. However, Microcosm is just that. The next time you hear of an outbreak of nasty E. coli on the news, spare a thought for this minute creature, which has arguably helped advance humanity far further than any other organism. Not only has it inhabited human guts for as long as we have existed, it has benefited almost all areas of the biosciences, from genetic engineering to evolutionary theory. To really understand life, it seems we must pay close attention to this bug’s life." (Read the full review.)

June 13, 2008: Forbes reviews Microcosm
Forbes calls Microcosm an "informative and entertaining biography of biologists' favorite microbe." (Read the full review)

June 10, 2008: Ars Technica reviews Microcosm and interviews Carl
"Covering all of life is a big task, and Zimmer made the challenge that much harder on himself by choosing to target the book to a general audience. Still, he handles the challenge extraordinarily well," writes John Timmer. (Review, interview)

June 10, 2008: Carl appears on This Week In Science
Listen here (Carl appears around minute 32)

June 9, 2008: Carl talks about Microcosm on Talk of the Bay (KUSP)
Listen here

June 5, 2008: MSNBC features Microcosm
"The World Inside A Bacterium," by MSNBC science editor Alan Boyle

June 5, 2008: Carl's Seattle talk podcasted at Real Science
Listen to Carl's Town Hall lecture here

June 2, 2008: Microcosm in the Boston Globe
An adaptation from Microcosm: "Aging is Older Than You Think."

June 1, 2008:Scienceblogs launches a book club with Microcosm
PZ Myers and other writers discuss Carl's new book here.

May 30, 2008:Carl publishes an online essay, "E. coli and the Elephant"
EcoliHub, a new web site from the National Institutes of Health, invites Carl to write about the history of E. coli. Read it here.

May 21, 2008: Microcosm on the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
Listen here:

May 18, 2008 Daily Kos reviews Microcosm
"Carl Zimmer is a master story teller...Not until I sat down to write this review did it really hit me just how packed this book is with science, each chapter written so well it can stand alone as a specific object lesson, and each lesson coming together in the book with biology, historical characters, and eureka moments in a scrumptious blend of mind candy.ot until I sat down to write this review did it really hit me just how packed this book is with science, each chapter written so well it can stand alone as a specific object lesson, and each lesson coming together in the book with biology, historical characters, and eureka moments in a scrumptious blend of mind candy."

May 14, 2008: New York Sun reviews Microcosm
"The poet William Blake imagined what it would be like 'to see the world in a grain of sand.' Reading 'Microcosm' (Pantheon, 243 pages, $25.95), Carl Zimmer's new book on the world's most famous bacterium, one wonders whether Blake might have phrased his reverie differently if he had had an electron microscope. Had Blake looked closely enough, at a magnification that would make sand grains look like lifeless, barren mountains, the poet would have seen a remarkably complex creature, one so beguiling that it is, as Mr. Zimmer's title suggests, easy to imagine it as a world in miniature. The bacterium, whose genome scientists mapped fully by 1997, fights viruses, just as we do; it fights its enemies, just as we do; it even has a primitive kind of sex. It is, the author argues persuasively, a model organism, and one with much to teach our own species."

May 10, 2008: Microcosm on
Carl discusses Microcosm with writer George Johnson

May 6, 2008: Microcosm is published today!
Visit Carl's blog, The Loom, to win a signed copy. And check out Newsvine's rave review: "What are you waiting for?"

May 5, 2008: Interview with Carl Zimmer about Microcosm appears on MSNBC/Newsvine
On life, swimming without a brain, and the myth of the natural.

April 22, 2008: Microcosm in the New York Times
The Times runs a book excerpt.

April 4, 2008: Library Journal reviews Microcosm:
"The scientists, their work, and the ethical questions with which they wrestle are sensitively profiled, and Zimmer employs imagery to great effect, leaving the reader with the sense of having attended a well-executed museum exhibit intended for intelligent adults."

March 19, 2008: Carl writes about E. coli in Slate
What the E. coli outbreaks of 2006 tell us about evolution, and why we shouldn't worry quite so much about bioterror.

Feburary 21, 2008: A great endorsement from Sean Carroll:
"Microcosm  could well be entitled Fantastic Voyage.  Carl Zimmer, one of our most talented and respected science writers, guides us on a memorable journey into the invisible, but amazing world within and around a tiny bacterium.  He reveals a life or death battle every bit as dramatic as that on the Serengeti and one that offers profound insights into how life is made and evolves. Microcosm expands our sense of wonder by illuminating a microscopic universe few could imagine, and instills a great sense of pride in the great achievements of the scientists who have discovered and mastered its workings." --Sean B. Carroll, author of Endless Forms Most Beautiful and The Making of the Fittest

Feburary 18, 2008: Publishers Weekly reviews Microcosm:
"Written in elegant, even poetic prose, Zimmer's well-crafted exploration should be required reading for all well-educated readers."

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